Want to learn how to cook gourmet meals? Come to one of Cooper's Landing's Cooking Classes and learn how!

Cooper’s Landing is the perfect getaway for those passionate about food and wine. Our Cooking School Classes blend relaxation, fine dining, and hands-on instruction all in a romantic and inviting setting. Join us in our newly renovated Kitchen Classroom where each session will explore a specific topic, cover the basics, and then teach you how you can actually cook the food in your own kitchen.

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Previous Student Testimonials:

"It was my first time for one of your lessons and it was fantastic.  I enjoyed meeting the staff and the other participants.  It was a lot of fun and I’ll be using the recipes and techniques frequently.  You do a very good job of making your guests feel welcome.  Hopefully, my wife and I can find some time to spend with you again. Thanks again and I look forward to visiting soon."
Bob Chonko, Farmville

"The cooking class was awesome- I can’t wait to use the recipes that we learned.  All the food we had was just wonderful.  This is such a great place to stay.  It was so much fun to sit by the pool and relax.  I do love this area and you two sure add a lot to this quaint town.  Keep up the great job that you are doing. "

"You’ve done it again!  The total and complete package of relaxation and just being pampered with Food and attention…what a truly perfect way to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Finding you in our search for retirement property has just been and added blessing in our journey and we thank God for your kind hearts and generous nature!  Robbie will be going back to Iraq next week but these few days of bliss have really “re-charged” him (especially the cooking classes) so thank you for everything!"
Robbie and MaryPat Seal